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Othello Plot Points Essay

Othello’s Ensign, hates him cause he’s black, wants Cassio’s job, believes he would be better Cassio- Innocent Party, gets a job as Othello’s Lieutenant, gets into a fight and his stripped of rank, but goes to Desdemonia to try and win back Othello’s favour Roderigo- Loves Desdemonia, is persuaded by Iago to attempt to kill Cassio, is murdered by Iago to remain silent (d) Emilia- Married to Iago, gives iago the handkerchief that convinces Othello that Desdemonia and Cassio had a relationship (d) Plot Othello marries Desdemonia in secret. However Roderigo goes to her father and blows their cover. Othello is forced to defend himself from accusations of witchcraft. News of a Turkish invasion of Cyprus reaches Venice, and Othello, with Cassio his new Lieutenant, and Iago, his ensign, are deployed to Cyprus to defend against the Turkish fleet. Desdemonia is allowed to accompany Othello, and Emilia, Iago’s wife, accompanies her as her attendant. Th e enemy fleet is destroyed by a storm. Othello calls for a celebration, during which Iago gets Cassio drunk, who causes a fight. Othello strips him of his rank, and blames him for the disturbance caused by Iago. However, Iago tells Cassio to go to Desdemonia, and convince her to try to plead his case. Whilst Cassio does this, Iago goes to Othello and hints that Cassio and Desdemonia are having an affair. For the rest of the film, â€Å"Honest Iago† controls the actions of the characters, turning Othello against his wife and Roderigo against Cassio so that, at the end of the play, Roderigo attempts to murder Cassio, while Othello smothers his wife after accusing her of betraying him and having an affair with Cassio. Roderigo fails, and after he is identified as Cassio’s attacker Iago murders him, claiming to have been overcome with rage, but really silencing to cover his involvement. Othello then murders his wife, however Emilia walks in calls for help. As the truth comes out, Othello realises his wife was innocent. Iago murders his wife after she reveals what he has done. He is then captured and brought before Othello, who stabs him but does not murder him, saying he would prefer Iago live in pain for the rest of his life than die. Othello then kills himself out of guilt at what he has done. Iago is hauled off to be tortured, and Cassio is made Governer of Cyrpus. The end.

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I Have Always Love Science Since A Young Age - 1440 Words

I have always love science since a young age. During high school I began experimenting with all the different science classes that the school had to offer. Out of all of those classes I found the one that brought incredible amount of fascination. That class was Botany where I had studied plants and learned their functions. I learned about how they grow from a seed to how they reproduce. Even with that class I have always found that plants bring a certain amount of curiosity. I had dreamt many ways to the perfect yard with all sorts of plant species. The yard would be overflowing with plants. Also the house would have so many plants inside that it would be a jungle. The courses required for botany are very heavy with science. I know that I will be taking fifteen different science classes. I looked forward to the challenges that each class will bring. During the time in my freshman year I would like to know what reading and writing I will need for botany. I looked in greater detail into Botany, I came to very interesting details about what my major will include. I gathered all sorts of facts from different sources about Botany. Plant science is a hands on very skilled profession. It requires a lot of experience and skills to work in the basic field of it. Botany is very broad science of plants. Different scientist study certain parts of plants and their functions. Including their physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economicShow MoreRelatedI ve Always Hated How Being Smart Is Taboo1082 Words   |  5 Pages I ve always hated how being smart is taboo. I can remember countless times my teachers would tell me that s not important or that doesn t matter when I would ask one of the burning questions that popped into my head. In some of my classes, I was even told not to ask questions at all. So in class I would sit, silenced by the figures who should have given me a voice. Finally by eighth grade, I got mad; my teacher was especially cruel, and I was not the only one who felt their education wasRead MoreWhy Edison Was A Driven Man Essay1135 Words   |  5 Pagesto accomplish so many of the things we now take for granted. In fact, Edison was such a driven man that the number of things he would accomplish would have seemed completely unrealistic in foresight. The first reason to believe Edison was a driven man was that even from a young age he started to show high levels of love and enthusiasm for science and technology. One may think that the world’s most renowned and driven men were once healthy children with superior intellectual abilities that eventuallyRead MoreThings to Do Before You Die1037 Words   |  5 Pagesdo before I die Grammar and style There is a extensive number of things I always wished I could do, before I die. Ive created a list of 10 things. some of these plausible, and some radical. The things I wish I could do at some point are probably going to happen one day, So there’s no need for me to fret. All i need is a tremendous sum of money to cover the expenses. 1. White water rafting. I know that lots of people have already done this, even at an early age, But I’ve always wanted tooRead MoreJane Doe Is A Junior At Riesel High School973 Words   |  4 Pagesbrother have attended school in Riesel since kindergarten. Her father is a police officer in Waco and her mother is a hairdresser. She says her family is a middle class family when compared to others in the Riesel community. She said she was taught the importance of knowing the difference between needs and wants at a young age. Jane feels that quality her parents instilled in her will be beneficial for the rest of her life. Jane informed me that she ranked in the top of her class, and she always takesRead MoreHow did Larry Page Become so Successful?773 Words   |  3 Pagesco-founder and chief executive of one of the largest companies in the world. Google. Now when I first heard of Larry Page I had the impression that he was the same as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs both of which are college drop outs who successfully create multibillion dollar companies. I was wrong Mr. Page received his Bachelor of Science at the University of Michigan and he also received his Masters of Science at Stanford University. Google was founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergy BinRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie 7 Series 1102 Words   |  5 Pagesdedication. Moreover, I feel that this series was created mostly to entertain the public all over the world which makes me feel concerned about all the characters involved. 7-up characters had the responsibility to show the world that you can succeed no matter your background. Also, I perceive this series played an important role to initiate reality TV shows. The 7- up series was famous worldwide that even Asia imitated it. Overall, the main reason this film was created was to have a glimpse of the futureRead MorePersonal Statement : My Motivation1188 Words   |  5 PagesI grew up in what I like to call, a ‘loose family’. That doesn t exactly mean we had no values or close communication. I say that with the perspective I now have as a 24 year old, young man. Without going into too much detail, the least I can say is, although we werenâ⠂¬â„¢t there together for a majority of the time we always had one another for advise and constant motivation. As a kid I would spend a lot of my time reading and I would do so in what I considered my best friend, a huge pine tree in ourRead MoreBecoming A Second Grade English Teacher1277 Words   |  6 Pagesthey have many aspirations to become a vast array of different careers, beginning as a young child. As a child, career choices are typically unspecific and seem unrealistic to an adult, but some children grow up and become exactly what they want to be. For example, when I was a child and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always told them that I wanted to be a teacher. During high school, I lost that dream and turned to child psychology and then to pediatric nursing. Since I haveRead MoreThe Air And The Heat998 Words   |  4 Pagesthe same I couldn’t escape. I wanted to turn around, step back on the plane, and demand that I go back. I couldn’ t handle this for an entire month. But I thought to myself, â€Å"No. Learn about your culture and where you come from.† I still did what every person does on vacation. I tried new food and visited the different attractions, but I also immersed myself into the culture and heritage of the family that I had not seen in 8 years. I asked questions and learned as much as possible. Since Egypt isRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Virtual Parenting Experience1580 Words   |  7 Pages My Virtual Parenting Experience Life is always a surprise and things usually happen unexpectedly. Life is a mystery and it’s funny how when we are in our childhood years we want to be teenagers and when we are teenagers we can’t wait for that day that we turn 18 and actually become an â€Å"adult† and then a couple of years we go crazy waiting for our big 21. As a young child or a teenager we imagine our adult life to be like in the movies, where it is easy to find a job, money comes and go and everything

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10 Fast Facts about Sin City

Las Vegas is the largest city in the  state of Nevada. It is the county seat of Clark County, Nevada. It is also the 28th most populous city in the U.S. with a city population of 567,641 (as of 2009). Las Vegas is known around the world for its resorts, gambling, shopping and dining and it calls itself the Entertainment Capital of the World.   It should be noted that in popular terms, the name Las Vegas is mostly used to describe the resort areas on the 4 miles (6.5 km) Las Vegas Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard. However, the Strip is mainly in the unincorporated communities of Paradise and Winchester. Nevertheless, the city is most well-known for the Strip and downtown. Facts About The Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas was originally established as an outpost to western trails and in the early 1900s, it became a popular railroad town. At that time, it was a staging post for mining in the surrounding area. Las Vegas was established in 1905 and it officially became a city in 1911. The city declined in growth shortly after its founding, but in the mid-1900s it continued to grow. In addition, the completion of the Hoover Dam, about 30 miles (48 km) away, in 1935 again caused Las Vegas to grow.Most of the early major development of Las Vegas occurred in the 1940s after gambling was legalized in 1931. Its legalization led to the development of large casino-hotels, the earliest of which were managed by the mob and were associated with organized crime.By the late 1960s, businessman Howard Hughes had purchased many of Las Vegas casino-hotels and organized crime was run out of the city. Tourism from around the U.S. grew considerably during this time but nearby military personnel were known to frequ ent the area which caused a building boom in the city.Most recently, the popular Las Vegas Strip has undergone a process of redevelopment that began with the opening of The Mirage hotel in 1989. This resulted in the construction of other large hotels on the southern part of Las Vegas Boulevard, aka the Strip, and initially, tourists were driven away from the original downtown area. Today, however, a variety of new projects, events and the construction of housing has caused tourism to increase downtown.The main sectors of the economy of Las Vegas are within tourism, gaming, and conventions. These have also caused the related service sectors of the economy to grow. Las Vegas is home to two of the worlds largest Fortune 500 companies, MGM Mirage and Harrahs Entertainment. It also has several companies involved in the manufacturing of slot machines. Away from downtown and the Strip, residential growth in Las Vegas is rapidly occurring, so construction is also a major sector of the econo my.Las Vegas is located in Clark County in southern Nevada. Geographically, it sits in a basin within the Mojave Desert and as such the area surrounding Las Vegas is dominated by desert vegetation and it is surrounded by dry mountain ranges. The average elevation of Las Vegas is 2,030 feet (620 m).The climate of Las Vegas is an arid desert with hot, mostly dry summers and mild winters. It has an average of 300 sunny days per year and averages about 4.2 inches of rainfall per year. Because it is in a desert basin, however, flash flooding is a concern when precipitation occurs. Snow is rare, but not impossible. The July average high temperature for Las Vegas is 104.1 °F (40 °C), while the January average high is 57.1 °F (14 °C).Las Vegas is considered one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S. and recently it has become a popular destination for retirees and families. Most of the new residents of Las Vegas originate from California.Unlike many major cities in the U.S., Las V egas does not have any major-league professional sports team. This is mainly because of concerns over sports betting and competition for the citys other attractions.The Clark County School District, the area in which Las Vegas lies, is the fifth most populous school district in the U.S. In terms of higher education, the city is near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Paradise, about 3 miles (5 km) from the city limits, as well as several community colleges and private universities.

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Social Media And Its Impact On Society - 903 Words

popularity of the internet has brought about social interaction to a level that was never witnessed before. The emergence of social networks has been increasingly popular. Social media network comprises of individuals from varied gender, religious, racial and ethnic affiliations. Primarily, social media networking is meant to foster interaction and sharing of various issues that people encounter in society. Following the functionalist sociological perspective, social media networks are characterized by each individual following another and thus encouraging coaction between individuals through the power of the internet infrastructure. Functionalism is about creating, maintaining as well as altering the social practices in society. Indeed, social networks have changed the interaction of people. For instance, through the conventional methods such as face to face social interactions there was geographical limitation. Now today, social media users on Facebook, twitter, Functionalism is one of the three pillars of sociology. Functionalism perceives society as having interconnection so as to achieve a state of social equilibrium. It occurs that each part is influenced by another. The increased and Linked In among others can communicate real time while thousands of miles apart. Functionalists also argue that connections should involve large numbers so that society can endure. A huge followership of the social media networks today had enabled millions of people to reflect on theShow MoreRelatedImpact Of Social Media On Society Essay917 Words   |  4 PagesHave you thought about the impact that social media has on socie ty? Today I would like to address the impact of social media on society for those of you that are social media users and this includes the advantages or disadvantages that as associated with it. In this speech, I want to relate to you how social media is being used by social media users. Social media has forever changed the way society works, whether it’s the sharing of an idea, the communication of news, or the availability of productsRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society1420 Words   |  6 PagesSocial media as we know has changed. Now instead of messaging we are able to video chat, and instead of not knowing where someone is now we are able to see there locations and where they live. This is all because of social media. Social media has taken the world by storm including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all sites where we communicate through text, videos, pictures, and much more. Rhetoric is used in social media and sometimes it can be overloo ked. Sometimes we mightRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society Essay1742 Words   |  7 PagesSocial media has gained immense popularity, following increased access to the internet and technology devices including smart phones. Social media is used to denote platforms in which people build and share social connections; thus enhancing information sharing and interaction. Major examples include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Through social media, people can connect, interact and exchange information such as pictures, videos and other digital media byRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society1563 Words   |  7 PagesSocial media has consumed our society. 47% of American adults used social networking sites in 2011 like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter; up from 26% in 2008(quoted from the aspects of social media both have a positive and negative impact on life. Social networking sites promote interaction with distant fami ly and friends. Social networking sites can demonstrate opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and to develop new friendships as well. The downfall of social media sitesRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society970 Words   |  4 Pagespiece titled Friends Indeed for the Washington Post. Garreau brings up possible dangers, minor inconveniences, and what truly defines a friend in the new media world we live in. I felt Garreau came across as jaded by most of the interviews he conducted. He did not seem to speak with a wide array of people that gave positive impacts social media can have, but rather focused on the negatives of the subject. Garreau did bring up valid points, however, from personal safety to the aspect of differentRead MoreThe Impact Of Social Media On Society987 Words   |  4 Pages The Negative Impact of Social Media on Society Marylin Vos Savant once said, â€Å"Email, instant messaging, and cell phones give us fabulous ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized†. The society we live in today requires modern technology. Texting, tweeting, and other forms of abbreviated communications are now changing how we speak. Of course technology and social media to be precise, is not necessarily evil; they have boosted the world’sRead MoreThe Impact Of Social Media On Society1652 Words   |  7 PagesIn 1968, popular artist Andy Warhol had brought to attention his opinion on the over-populated celebrity society of the time with his quote â€Å"In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes†. Times change, and the future approached, but Andy may have underestimated just how true that is. Nowadays, the quote has been translated to fit the modern times, â€Å"everyone will be famous for 15mb†. The quote being changed to that says a lot about the times that we are going through right now, whichRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society1224 Words   |  5 Pages Social media is a variety of platforms provided to the public as a medium for expression and communication. Seemingly, social media could be viewed as a positive contribution to society, but one must consider the underlying effects of society. Many of us don’t take into account the role that social media plays in the way we perceive things, think, and live our lives. Social media plays a critical part in societal norms. â€Å"Social norms are rules of conduct that governs interactions among individualsRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society Essay1560 Words   |  7 Pageswaiting for their next high, society has become more and more dependent on social media. One must realize, while the use of social media in today’s society is a necessity due to the fast-paced environment that has been created, it can never fully replace the value received from personal interaction with others. The short film titled, The Library Book, perfectly illustrates this as the charact ers within the film learn to assimilate in a society dominated by social media. The actions of each characterRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society Essay1622 Words   |  7 Pages What it Means to be Black In 2016, society is at a place where people are able to discover tons of information at the touch of a finger; this indeed can impact on how we view common things in society, such as identity. This statement holds true for â€Å"blacks† or African Americans as well. The stigma that comes with being black has been around for centuries; however, many blacks are using social media to combat negativity. In an era predicated on the use of the internet, black people have proven to

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Investigating the Properties of Ph Free Essays

Investigating the Properties of pH The manufacture’s claim is that Sensodyne toothpaste micro hardens tooth enamel to help protect against the effects of acid wear, helps stop the twinges of pain from sensitive teeth formulated with low abrasivity, neutral pH and gentle yet effective cleaning system. To find out if the manufactures claim on Sensodyne toothpaste is the correct level of pH. I expect the Sensodyne toothpaste to be a neutral pH level as the manufactures claim that this products pH level is neutral. We will write a custom essay sample on Investigating the Properties of Ph or any similar topic only for you Order Now This would be indicated by a level of pH 6 and 7. The equipment needed for this practical * Sensodyne (toothpaste) Universal indicator * Universal paper * pH meter * Petri dish x 3 * Measuring cylinder x 6 * Wooden stick * Distilled water * Tap water * Ruler Method 1. Test the distilled water and tap water for the pH level to see if it were neutral so it wouldn’t make a difference to the results. 2. Set up 3 petri dishes and 3 measuring cylinders 3. Measure 10mls of tap water. Add water to the petri dish and add 5cm of Sensodyne (toothpaste) into each petri dish and repeat this step 3 times. 4. Measure 10mls of distilled water and add to the measuring cylinders as well as adding 5cm of Sensodyne (toothpaste) and repeat this step 3 times. . Mix the substances together with the wooden stick. 6. Put universal indicator (liquid) into the petri dish repeat this step 3 times. Record the results from each petri dish. 7. Put universal indicator (paper) into the measuring cylinder rep eat this step 3 times Record the results from each measuring cylinder. 8. Set up pH meter, Put the pH meter into the measuring cylinder record the pH reading and repeat this step 3 times for a reliable. Results Table Universal Indicator Universal Paper pH Meter Test 1 pH6 6 7. 0 Test 2 pH6 6 6. 99 Test 3 pH6 6 7. 09 Photographic evidence of experiments Before: After: Before: After: Discussion * The results show pH of the toothpaste is neutral according to the pH meter, and slightly acidic according to the paper and indicator. The pH was discovered to be between 6 and 7 in all the tests done * The manufacturers’ claim was the pH level of the sensodyne (toothpaste) was neutral. My hypothesis was that the toothpaste was pH neutral and this was supported by the results. * I compared distilled water and tap water because of the different chemicals mixed with the water, but the results showed no difference so it didn’t affect the pH. The pH meter showed little varying but not too much this could be that the pH meter is out or that there could be something wrong with the meter because with my supported evidence its unlikely to be wrong. To improve this experiment would be to test with more than one pH meter to see if there’s a difference in comparison. Otherwise it may be more efficient if there were more tests done for more support towards the result. * My independent variable is the sensodyne (toothpaste) because in every experiment I used the same amount of sensodyne. The dependant variable was the pH levels were I did not have control over what the pH level would indicate. This is the reason the results are reliable because I repeated the steps three times in each test and continued to get the same results. This experiment could be improved by obtaining samples of toothpaste from a variety of locations. This will identify and inconsistency’s in the product itself. Conclusion * The experiment found that the manufactures claim of pH is correct and it is a neutral pH with supported evidence. Teeth would be affected by acidic toothpaste or alkaline toothpaste. Therefore a pH between 6 and 7 is an appropriate toothpaste . This sensodyne (toothpaste) is designed to help people with sensitive teeth. How to cite Investigating the Properties of Ph, Papers

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Structuration Of Dominance In Information -

Question: Discuss about the Structuration Of Dominance In Information. Answer: Introduction Corporates, not for profit organizations along with other organizations make use of Public Relations campaign (Johnston, 2009). Public relation campaign involves multiple activities that are planned in advance relating to certain specific goals for the campaign. A campaign of this nature progresses realising a specific objective then finds a message that will help attain such objective and finally communicating such message to a suitable group of audience. Reebok has been established to be a global athletic footwear company. The England based company operating as a subsidiary of Adidas distributing several fitness, running, CrossFit sportswear and clothing. The brand has several fitness wear and has specially intiated an Official Footwear and Apparel Sponsor of 2007 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Series. Reeboks Pink Ribbon branded product as DMX Mega WalkR is based on the target to create social awareness for a cause of breast cancer. The scope of this analysis deals with analysing PR strategies and tactics used, along with its implication on the culture and society and its criticism(Blte, 2009). Specific communication strategies used for this campaign was social media by engagement of public. Facebook, Twitter, online blogs, Youtube sharing are increasingly getting accessed by public. Such media has been used to spread the objectives regarding the campaign by networking with millions of people. PR campaign and strategies tactics Public Relation campaigns are developed with specific objective as in this case, Reebok makes use of cause-related marketing efforts. Cause-related marketing is a communication technique for enhancing number of customer's perception towards the specific cause and the Companys involvement or help given towards the specific cause (Tench, 2009). Corporate social responsibility on the other hand, deals with companys techniques or capabilities to satisfy social needs. A good public relation campaign includes a clear objective for raising particular awareness for a brand or towards a product of that brand. Such specific objective definition can help enhance Reeboks brand image and contribute towards its increasing in sales by motivating change in public behavior. Earlier there had been various negative publicity regarding several well-known brands including Reebok regarding the ways that they manufacture their shoes. They had been accused of paying poor wages to their workers, further work ers were said to be suffering from bad working conditions. There had been instances were working conditions of workers had been criticized, also irregular payments or their ill-treatment in less developing countries had surfaced leading to a bad repute for these companies. The Avon Foundation announcement of Reebok being the official sponsor of 2007 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Series helps a social cause on the rise(Hanzaee, 2011). The program was said to have weekend-long walking events taking place from May to October across eight cities in varied countries. Walking events help draw large crowd and attracts awareness, also it gets publicized easily (Grunig, 2009). The walking event had several thousands of participants, who would generate funds and awareness for fighting the cure for breast cancer. Reebok wanted to establish itself as a strong heritage brand for women with vision to fulfill individual potential with natural fit for its official footwear. Reebok had been making significant donation to the foundation and its symbolic Pink Ribbon collection sold across retailers worldwide is set to make donation to the foundation. Reebok would contribute to the charity from the proceeds of the sale of its shoes while retaining certain portions of the pr ofits. Strategies or tactics used for this campaign is walking initiative. As such programs will attract huge crowd, Reebok will be able to spread its message or objective easily. Role of PR practioner in culture and society Public Relation campaigns especially in cause related marketing and corporate social responsibility endeavor has a role in culture and society. Breast cancer is on a continuous rise and is responsible for maximum (62%) of total cancer deaths in women followed by ovarian and other types of cancers. With individual fighting for the cause alone has been significantly raising costs. With early detection and signs it has been found such cancers can easily be removed and individual can lead a normal life (Rice, 2012). There are various organizations that are committed to the cause to create awareness amongst individuals regarding the disease. Through efforts from multinational corporations and other not-for-profit organizations there can be change in attitude hence prevention of deaths amongst women detected with early signs of the disease. It is a great social cause with cultural implications that has been able to generate a positive impact through creation of awareness. With levels of po llution and Urbanisation on the rise, there is need for a constant social awareness such that its causes can easily be avoided. Reeboks ideology is centered or mission is focused on raising level of fitness amongst youths, women and others. Earlier the Company manufactured and designed shoes mostly for athletes. The Company realized a great corporate social responsibility in raising awareness for breast cancer. It started designing shoes for women specially towards the specific cause. Designing shoes for specific cause will enable public relation specific to the cause. Greater consumer awareness can be developed towards the particular product (Theaker, 2017). With specific PR strategies along with communication techniques, the brand will try and build up a corporate image. Reebok had been building a brand image for staying fit by walking or running with their shoes, now such brand image will be extended towards specific health cause. With sales of these pink ribbon shoes, Reebok will donate proceeds to Breast Cancer Foundation. Through its continued efforts it will be able to eradicate such cancers in the lon g-run. Consumer especially women will be bent on purchase of such shoes not only for their quality but also for their special cause(Naveed, 2012). In developed countries where such cancers are on the rise, consumers will be more oriented to select the brand over others due to its noble social cause. Implications of chosen PR campaign for culture, society and the public Public Relations campaigns objectives will be deemed to be attained while a specific group or public can be changed. Specific objective defining for a particular campaign will help focusing and planning towards execution of the campaign (Macnamara, 2008). Clear message from the organization needs to be communicated towards the public without any risks of ambiguity. Ideally, the message has to be well suited such that audience can get into action after receiving of the same. The target audience has to be well defined such that not the entire population but a specific component as in this case women can be attracted. Targeting Reeboks PR campaign at women specifically will help cater to the cause in a better way. America has a high percentage of women suffering from the disease and raising awareness to remain fit can help the cause greatly. Reeboks PR campaign will be targeting women with a host of related products such that the cause can be highlighted. The Avon Walk event staff were provided with footwear, apparel, accessories along with the walkers, volunteers, medical staffs and crew. There will be T-shirts that will help fundraising for the event (Smith, 2013). The event was hosted in Washington D.S., Boston, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Charlotte. The event had been effective in raising in the year 2003 to 2006 a little more than $150 million. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Series is a public charity that was established in the year 1955. A PR campaign can have a set of implication towards the culture, society and the public in general. A well-defined target audience along with properly framed message can help PR effective in its messages and communication. PR techniques are used across for communicating to the consumers or public as in this case with a specific cause. Therefore, implication of PR campaign has an informational objective or implication to it. Reeboks aim was to raise level of awareness partnering with Avons program. Donating for a cause from proceeds of a product is a noble cause. Through this endeavor, Reebok will be able to give back to the society more than it takes from it. Raising awareness regarding breast cancer and donating was the fundamental attribute of the program. Secondly, attitudinal objective was the secondary implication on the culture, society and greater public. The aim of Reebok was to change attitude of people towards breast cancer and generate strategies such that such diseases ca n easily be tackled. Earlier fitness was a word that was well-suited for athletes only. Fitness was defined rather in narrow manner that did not include women. With Reeboks new brand ideology, women was included into the fitness regime and they could struggle for their health also. Health consciousness attitude was raised through this program by extending the specially ribbon shoes. Thirdly and most importantly a behavioral implication on the culture, society and public was targeted through this PR campaign. The Avon Walks for Breast Cancer with Reebok is an initiative that will help women to remain active and healthy. There is tremendous unawareness regarding breast cancers and their initial screening. The objectives are meant to accomplish a legitimate and clear goal for promotion of the brand with womens awareness by Avons forum. Analysis of PR campaign PR campaigns is meant at spreading message from Reebok to a wide spectrum of public. The PR topic that has been selected by Reebok is of a wide public interest. Reebok makes use of activism and grassroot communication technique for spreading awareness for the social cause. Breast Cancer is a social cause which attracts high interests from the government, public in general, medical practioner and others (Gur?u, 2008). Reebok has made use of activism communication as it has a great social cause further grassroot communication helps in launching of the message with multiple people appeal. The aim of the PR campaign was to attract a small group of audience and then spreading it across a larger group or much larger type of audience. Through Avon Walk campaign, costs related to the campaign was lowers compared to any other marketing efforts. The campaign was spread across a wide number of locations, which helped spread the message with definitive market segment. There are no other competitors or sellers in the industry that has specified cause for their women oriented product. This market segment does not have any other product of interest that can influence a broader group of individuals or people. Activism in communication entails direct efforts towards promoting social reforms or improvements. Reebok aims to transform the society especially in America that suffers from the high incidence of the disease. Setting an example in women fitness it will help express it concerns towards the disease. Reebok hosted a tent in the Wellness Village for serving participants, who were away from their homes during Saturday night of the event. During the campaign, audience as well as walkers can preview the footwear and apparel that was especially designed for the event by Reebok. The walk had taken place in the weekend with two options of walking a marathon of 26 miles or half the marathon of 39 miles in a two-day time. Various celebrities had participat ed to increase publicity and promote the campaign in a better manner. Grassroot communications has helped efforts of this PR to interact with public. Through public interaction it was possible to raise awareness further as compared to setting up a lone event. Criticism of PR profession and industry merits and demerits Public relation campaign is selected by corporates and businesses for creating greater awareness regarding their products and towards specific cause, they are contributing towards. PR campaigns designs communication strategies and techniques for maintaining relationship with the organizations target audience (Watson, 2012). With new releases and news content organizations does need to design specific PR campaigning. Reebok with its introduction of special shoes for women included social cause of breast cancer awareness. This helped target a greater n umber of audience for the Company. Success of the campaign was focused on displaying interests of stakeholders with their concerns. All efforts made towards PR are meant at generating positive impacts on the organization towards communicating their brand name. However, prior to initiating a campaign demerits or negatives associated with PR has to be evaluated. Organizations need to realize the potential harm that a PR endeavor or a PR pr ofessional might actually cause them (Gandy Jr, 2013). The harm might not directly be in the eyes of the public but to its important contacts or the Company itself. As Reebok prior to applying PR campaign for partnering with Avon had to evaluate its merits as well as demerits. Merits of PR campaigns might be multiple in nature that can be rated for the Company. As Reebok considers that PR might be the best effective method for promotion of its brand name and extension of its brand identity. Prior to this initiative Reebok was considered mainly a brand that could be used by athletes not regular people. This campaign helped changed the entire scope of definition for Reeboks products as being an extension for women fitness and health prospective. PR professionals in the Company helped communication build a favorable image for not only its products but also its Company (Toth, 2013). In the minds of the customers, there was a brand new definition of Reebok that could be identified with women too. Addition of the new target customer group was possible successfully through efforts made by Reebok. Secondly, a PR campaign provides detailed information regarding target market compared to any other promotional events or forms. The Walking for Breast Cancer was not on ly an amazing way to raise funds for the Company but also a method for promoting brand name of the Company and its new products. PR professionals can tackle efficiently ways of promotions that can help organizational growth. Reebok had attained some form of consistency in its products and consumer platform. With its business spread across the globe and it being an official partner for various sports and games, there remained hardly any new areas that it could explore. Its shoes and apparel were meant for men ignoring the broader sector of the demography comprising of women. Shoes were designed in a manner that attracted only men and there was hardly any separate definition for women, hence it introduced shoes looking more appealing to women with pink ribbon. The colors with its other attributes signified that women could use the brand in their regular wear as well. Thus, a new customer segment that could allow growth of the Company in this segment was created. It was only possible d ue to cause-related marketing of Breast Cancer awareness (Danowski, 2008). In absence of which Reebok would have had to look for a separate dimension to attract its female customers. Most importantly a PR professional can handle efforts of the Company in a more efficient manner. Costs incurred by PR professionals is significantly less when compared to those that the Company would have otherwise spent in its marketing endeavors. Thus, cost effectiveness and efficiency is a critical factor that can be counted as a major merit in PR profession and the industry. With large number merits associated with PR there remains hardly any demerits to evaluate, however the same has to be evaluated for successful outcomes. Disadvantages of PR professionals and industry is when differing ways of promotions are used. When advertisement, magazines, newspapers, television, radio and internet are included and used together. There remains relatively less control over the message that is delivered finally to the target audience, who gets confused. Such efforts creates more of confession that actually catering to effectiveness in the targeted message (Chan, Retreived on 15th January 2018). Reebok has used several ways to communicate its message to targeted audience but mostly through direct contact, which makes it effective hence, this disadvantage is not applicable for Reebok. PR campaigns are used as a method for communication and used to transfer news to certain media as news reported or other personnel. The reporter then redesigns such information to form a part of the news and can often be distorted in nature. Therefore, final message delivered across to the end audience might not be effective and according to planned by the Company. For Reebok, it tried to make the message as effective as possible by way of reducing any errors that might creep in. Its direct hosting of the event allowed news reported to directly derive from the message and jot it down on paper before putting the message. PR sometimes might be ineffective as it is incapable to produce high yield on promotional expense. In case reporters finds the message to be infective then they are less likely to run the message on their channels. there has to be a greater value that is yield by the news for reporters to highlight the same across their media. In case of Reebok it had joined cause with Avon Walk the Cause for Breast Cancer. With two giants showcasing single event there was a lot of noise around it, hence reporters did message it. There was a lot of coverage for the campaign as celebrities on 10 August joined the walk at Lake Titiwangsa. Avon Cosmetics spread the awareness to Malaysia for early detection of signs relating to breast cancer by breaking barriers in providing quality care. This attracted lot of media attention with Mix FM radio also promoting the event. Problematic criticism of PR campaign PR campaign developed by the Company can cause criticism or challenges often. Though not all PR campaigns faces criticisms, there are some that needs to be dealt with in a manner such that companies can overcome them effectively. Though a company devises PR campaign taking into consideration all factors and ignoring major negatives in it, often there arises some criticism. Reeboks campaign had been effective I n winning hearts and confidence of many people towards raising of awareness (Apollonio, 2008). However, various critics criticized that the organization aimed at retaining some profits still while donating maximum amount to breast cancer cause. Some argues that majority of the proceeds that will be generated from the Companys sell of pink ribbon shoes for women will be retained by the Company itself. Reebok have been heavily promoting its cause-related marketing efforts with products using pink ribbon. They had however put an arbitrary ceiling on the amount of donation that wil l actually go towards such cause meaning that once actual when maximum ceiling has been met, the Company will continue its sell of pink ribbon products without additional funds getting contributed to breast cancer organizations. Reebok had set a maximum donation limit to $750,000 without letting its customers actually know regarding the same. therefore, some criticizes that certain purchases had gone to donation for the specific cause whereas others did not go towards donation (Hill, 2017). The PR initiative of the Company can be thus challenged for spreading incomplete information or communication to its customers avoiding parts it did not wish to. Conclusion Public relations campaigns are aimed at transfer of information from organization towards those of target audience. PR efforts can be multiple in nature, here which has been cause-related marketing in nature. Analysing PR trends of the Company it can be said that, it was successful and effective in nature as it was able to create awareness and also sales of the product. The product dimension created a new segment for the Company that led to its market share growth as well. 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